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Extension of Status


Extension of Status

If a foreign national is in Canada and wishes to stay longer than their permit, they can submit an In Canada Extension of their current status. Extension application will depend upon every individual current status. There are some different extension programs available.

  • Work Permit Extension
  • Study Permit Extension
  • Visitor Visa Extension

Work Permit Extension – A work permit allows you to legally work in Canada as a live-in caregiver, temporary worker, or International Experience Canada worker. A work permit is generally a document that comes with an expiry date and before this date, you may wish to renew or extend your work permit if you want to remain and stay employed in Canada. If your Canadian Work Permit is about to expire and you want to extend your stay in Canada for a while with the same privileges, you need to apply for the work permit extension 30 days before the current expiry date on your work permit document. What you need to apply for the extension of your work permit will also depend on what kind of job you do.

Study Permit Extension – Study Permits are commonly issued for the duration of your study program and 90 additional days. Ninety (90) additional days are given to make sure that you have enough time to leave Canada or apply for further extension. The ideal time to apply for the study visa extension is at least 30 days prior to the expiration date mentioned on your study permit. If any individual applies for the extension while their permit is still valid then they can stay in Canada with the same conditions and privileges until the application is approved.

Visitor Visa Extension – A visitor visa with temporary residence status authorizes you to legally stay in Canada to visit for a definitive period of time. You may also be required to follow specified terms and conditions based on your visa and the purpose of your stay. You are required to apply for an extension when you want to either change the conditions of your stay or extend your visa.